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Equipment Audit

We can provide your school with an audit of all your P.E equipment to ensure your school has all of the correct and appropriate equipment needed to align with the school P.E curriculum.

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Our team can provide consultation services to help schools choose the right equipment and sports gear for their students, based on their specific needs and budget. This service comes FREE when another service is purchased.

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Continued Professional Development

We offer CPD sessions for teachers to help them effectively use the equipment and to teach students, ensuring for engaging and enjoyable lessons. Our coach will offer verbal as well as written feedback and support 

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One of the biggest problems at schools face with P.E is their storage. Many storage spaces become untidy and make it difficult for all equipment to be accessed of found. 

We are able to fully tidy and organise P.E stores to make it really easy to find any equipment that may be needed.

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Inventory Management

Managing sports equipment inventory can be challenging for schools. We offer inventory management services to help schools keep track of their equipment and ensure they have everything they need.

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Young Leaders

We are delighted to also able to offer a 'Young Leaders' program. This will see the Young Leaders taking on responsibilities such as running sports games at Lunchtimes, helping to host sporting events and much more!

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