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Young Leaders

At ICS Coaching we believe that children being able to deliver to their peers whether that be at lunch time or taking a warm up in a P.E lesson is very beneficial to not only their development in P.E but to so many other areas in their life. Our Young Leaders package allows children to take the teaching role and support members of staff too! Find out what it entails below:

- 15 detailed sessions which are printed and laminated explaining how to play each game, the equipment that is needed and how they can be adapted to become easier or harder.

- A coaches 'cheat sheet' with the most important coaching tips to help your Young Leaders feel more confident when coaching in your school.

- 6 Young Leader sun caps which can be worn by your Young Leaders when they are delivering a session so they are more visible.

- An in depth Sports Day plan to ease any pressures of organising your school sports day. This also includes ways to involve your Young Leaders so that they have more responsibility.

- In school Sports Festivals guide which gives your Young Leaders a guide to plan, deliver and reflect on delivering multiple small sessions to children within your school.

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