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Have you found your P.E Store becoming untidy, making it difficult to find equipment for P.E lessons? With our Organisation package we are able to take all of these problems away, ensuring you can set up for P.E with ease. Find out what we offer within this package below:

- A complete overhaul of our P.E Store. A member of our team will begin by taking out ALL items within your P.E store and organising it all together.

- Any damaged items will be placed to the side and reported to your school's P.E Lead.

- All balls will be pumped to the appropriate PSI ready to be used for lessons and school activities.

- Items will then be placed back into the P.E Store, making sure they are organised into blocks for each sport. Items will be placed with thought so that regularly used items are easily accessible.

- Lastly we will label every item so that all staff members and students  can clearly see where items are located.

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