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Brilliant turn-out for Girl’s Football Festival

Published by Owen Kitchener

On Thursday last week ICS coaching hosted a Girl’s Junior Football festival that had a brilliant turn out of over 50 young girls having an amazing time and playing some quick, fun matches of football with their friends.

The festival was for girls in years 3-6 and was at Reffley Academy between 5pm – 6pm, ICS Coaching will run a festival monthly - the event provides a great experience for young girls to be active and find passion for the sport in a friendly environment that accommodates for all skill levels with a team of coaches and referee’s that will provide support and help young girls get to grips with the game.

The festival was organised by Matt Parkinson who was delighted with the turnout and hopes that the football festival will be able to continue and give a platform for girl to form teams and enter junior football leagues, Matt stressed that if the girls didn't want to join a team then weekly training playing with friends and being active was also an option.

Parkinson spoke about adding a competitive aspect to the festival and that after a while once friendships had been made and some teams can be formed a small tournament of sorts can be set up allowing for the kids to earn some medals and have a really good time with their friends.

If you’re reading this and have a daughter of your own or know somebody with a daughter who would enjoy getting into football, I encourage you to spread the word and try to get as much momentum for this as possible as it is a really great opportunity for all young girls out there.

Please take a look at our website for Wildcats sessions.

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