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Home Resources | Physical Education

Free resources, websites, links, videos, and activities for home learning to help schools and families during school closures due to Coronavirus.

Home Resources

Please find a list of Home Resources that you may find helpful to keep children who are home learning active with fresh new idea's and excellent existing idea's from various sources. 

Just Dance

A great way to get active whilst listening to music and get dancing.

Wake Waka

Old Town Road

ICS Coaching

Various video's that are easy to access to keep active fit and healthy!

We wanted to share this video for all the children at home who would want to do something 'a little different' for Diffendoofer Day.

Inviting all football players and we welcome all abilities in the sporting community.

Sports Day Ideas

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks has a selection of video's for children to keep fit.

8 Minute Kids workout with Spiderman

AFPE - #ThisisPE

26, 3 minute videos that covers various Physical Education Videos.

Playlist - Covering different sport aspects.

Moving Matters

We would like the majority of activities you work on at home, to be about developing skills through practice. However it’s also important to get the heart rate up and a sweat on!


A unique App which the primary focus is to skip! A small 8 minute HIIT workout.

Real P.E

In view of the current crisis, we are all facing a very challenging time and understand the pressure on schools and families. Create Development would very much like to help as much as we can to alleviate the difficulties many families will face and we hope this offer will be of assistance.

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