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ICS Coaching Holiday Camps

During all school holidays we host our very own holiday clubs & camps which are open to children of all abilities aged between 4 – 15 (children must be in full time education). Children can engage & enjoy FUNDAYS, sporting camps & themed event days in a fun, safe & exciting environment. 


Our holiday camps are a great way to give all children the opportunity to build confidence, develop new skills, enjoy being active and have lots of fun.


We run three different style of camps that are briefly explained below;

  • Soccer Schools – During a typical day for Soccer Schools, children will experience an array of Football warm ups, Football Fitness, Football specific games & our very own well known themed Tournament. 

  • Sporty Camps – These camps are designed to be sport specific. Children will learn all the skills they need before taking part in games, matches and competitions.

  • Norfolk Dodgeball Camp - These camps are designed for Dodgeball lovers, playing Dodgeball all day with a variety of games finishing on a Tournament with official GB Dodgeball rules.


Many thanks to all of our schools & independent sites that host our Holiday Camps.

To view our upcoming holiday camps, click here!

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