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Throwback | Darren Huckerby | Next Gen | Feb 2019!

Throwback to February 2019!

Our Next Generation Academy football players, after their training session, were fortunate to spend some time and ask some thought provoking questions to Darren Huckerby.

Darren has had a very successful professional career, playing in the premier league. Making 201 appearances for some household teams such as Coventry City, Leeds, Newcastle Norwich & Man City. He also scored 38 goals in the process...

The kids were buzzing over the fact he has played against Cristaino Ronaldo!

It was a good experience to have a true professional such as Darren come and pass on his knowledge and experience to our young footballers who have high dreams and aspirations themselves

As coaches were we very happy with some of the grown up and interesting questions the players came up with.

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