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New Partnership - ICS Coaching and CC1 Norfolk

Official Partners

ICS Coaching are delighted to be official partners with CC1 Norfolk. CC1 Norfolk are a team who deliver outdoor adventure activities giving KS1, KS2 and KS3 students the opportunity to gain important life skills including, first aid, navigation skills, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, courage, self-esteem, well-being and community projects.

Find out below more information from CC1 Norfolk below.

We are dedicated instructors

We know that learning is easier when you have engaged students. That's why our instructors use their past military and educational experience to deliver a varied approach to their lessons. We are passionate about providing for all styles of learning.

Unique Curriculum

We currently offer three programs, ranging from a term to a full academic year. 

All our programmes concentrate on self-esteem, confidence, team building, resilience and First Aid to DofE standards.

Commitment to Excellence

Our mission is pursuit of resilience both inside and outside the classroom. We encourage critical thinking and emphasise the learning process over rote memorisation. 

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