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4D's Dodgeball

4D’s Norfolk Dodgeball

Our Vision

“To inspire generations and communities to experience the benefits of playing dodgeball”

Over 700 people came to watch and play in the heats and finals and the level of Dodgeball is improving and will continue to improve., the players were amazing and showed great honestly, teamwork and their effort was excellent.

The ICS team loved delivering the championship and big shout out to @Norfolkdodge who helped us organise the event. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.

Next Steps

We are looking forward to the next Championships in April, May and June we are looking to restructure the championships which will mean less travelling for you and your championship will be a little big closer to home!

Keep your eye out on our social media platforms for a video of the evening coming very soon.

Thank you all once again!

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