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We are proud to Partner | Norfolk Championships | ICS Coaching

ICS Coaching is delighted to be in partnership with

Norfolk Championships has become one of the largest suppliers of sports events in Norfolk.


Norfolk Championships quote 'We have a passion for sport, we set the highest standards for the competitions, Junior Sports Leagues, Competitive Edge and Broadcasting. As always we look to improve at every level as we continue our pursuit of excellence in both the quality of our competitions, championships and video streaming production.'

The ICS Coaching team are delighted to be offered opportunities to deliver unique sports linking in with our very successful School Programme. The feedback the schools whom we work with are delighted with this partnership and allows children to take part in regional, county and national competitions plus Leagues for various sports! Please take time to visit to find more information. If you would like more information and to sign up please contact us here.

Finally, the pathway for children is very clear, we will always try and direct children to Grassroots clubs in the Community. 

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