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Training program tailored to the players need. Developing the person not just the player.

  • Professional Coaching

  • Futsal Training + Fixtures

  • Football Training + Fixtures

  • Intense Training Regime

Next Gen

What is Next Gen?

Next Gen is a Football Academy that provides opportunities to young people, access to professional coaching and the chance to play alongside other footballers.


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Our Why

“To develop attacking, hardworking and respectful football teams”.

Firstly, we believe that attacking football is missing in English football and we want to help the Next Gen footballers become the next generations attacking players.


Secondly, to develop attacking football and attacking footballers there needs to be a work ethic.


The coaches and players work tirelessly on training nights and on matchday.


Our How

How do we do it?

We develop an attacking team via our work in training. The message from coaches is always ‘try to play forward’. As coaches we put on practices which allow players to come up with creative ways to reach the goal, the players then use those practice opportunities to work on their dribbling, combinations, movements to goal and finishing.

Creating a team of respectful players is a bi-product of the environment we have at training. We listen, we share, we respect other coaches and player alike, and always remember we are here first and foremost to enjoy the game.


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Next Generation Football Academy

The result of this is a respect for all people who help provide us with the chance to play. Parents, coaches, officials, teammates, and volunteers. 


As coaches, we aim to have a group of hardworking players. How we create this, is to consistently remind the players this is their journey.


We want the players to understand the formula to improve is quite simple. Work hard at training, at home, at school, in the garden. Talent is the result of work.

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